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There are 87 Outlets, you can refine the list by using the search below. If you cannot find an outlet, try to use the two first numbers of your post number or the name of the nearest city. You can also buy tickets at R-Kioski convenience stores with the name of the event. Scroll down on this page for a link to the R-Kioski search.

Culture vouchers:
Outlets accept the culture vouchers as payment if they have a contract with the voucher issuer. You can also check the outlets who accept culture vouchers from voucher issuers websites: www.smartum.fi, www.edenred.fi, www.tyky-kuntoseteli.fi, www.sporttipassi.fi.

87 Outlets

Espoon keskuksen yhteispalvelupiste
Espoontorin kauppakeskus, Kamreerintie 3 C, 2. krs
FI - 02770 Espoo
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue 10-17, Wed 12-18, Thu-Fri 10-17

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Espoonlahden yhteispalvelupiste
Kauppakeskus Pikkulaiva, Ulappakatu 2, 1. krs
FI - 02320 Espoo
Opening hours:
Open Mon 10-19, Tue 12-19, Wed-Fri 10-17
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Ideaparkinkatu 4, infopiste
FI - 37570 Lempäälä
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9-20.30, Sat 9-17.30, Sun 12-17.30
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Hallintokatu 4
FI - 04400 Järvenpää
Opening hours:
mon-thu 9-17 and fri 9-13
Closed 7.6. and 10.6.2016
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K-Citymarket Hämeenlinna
Katsastusmiehentie 6
FI - 13130 Hämeenlinna
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8-21, Sat 8-18, Sun 12-18
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Kajaani Info
Pohjolankatu 13
FI - 87100 Kajaani
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9-16.30
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Kalajärven yhteispalvelupiste
Ruskaniitty 4
FI - 02970 Espoo
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue and Thu 9.30-16.00, Wed 13.00-18.00, Fri 8.00-14.00

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Kankaanpään kaupunki/Neuvonta
Kuninkaanlähteenkatu 12
FI - 38700 Kankaanpää
Opening hours:
Mon-Fre 8-15.
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Klaneettitie 5
FI - 00099 Helsinki
Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 12-14 and 14:40-18, Sat 12-16
or alternatively 1 hour before the show,
when only tickets for the day's show are sold.
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Kauppakeskus Stella
S-Stella kioski, katutaso
(Sokos Mikkeli)

Maaherrankatu 13
FI - 50100 Mikkeli
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9-20.30, Sat 9-17.30, Sun 12-17.30
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Ticket Outlets

At the Lippu.fi Ticket Outlets you can
- Redeem your tickets that have been booked by phone by presenting your booking code, or buy tickets to a specific event if you know the event name.
- Choose your seat from the seating chart.
- Pay your ticket with Elämyslahjakortti gift cards, Lippu.fi gift cards, or vouchers issued by Lippupiste’s partners (if the outlet accepts payment in vouchers).
- Return or exchange tickets of cancelled or rescheduled events.
- Get useful tips on other interesting events.

R-Kiosks across Finland Find your nearest R-Kiosk
R-Kiosks have their own Lippu.fi ticket sale terminals.

At R-Kiosks, you can
- Redeem your tickets that have been booked by phone by presenting your booking code.
- Buy tickets to events using the Best Seat service (choose the area/stand, and you will get the best available seats). Events on sale can be found at R-Kioski convenience stores by the name of the event or the event number, which is listed on our website.

Please note that
- R-Kiosks do not accept gift cards.
- R-Kiosks accept the following electronic vouchers:
Wellness Wallet, Smartum mobile payment, Ticket Mind & Body, Ticket Duo, Eazybreak and ePassi
The Wellness Wallet, Ticket Mind&Body cards and the Smartum mobile payment can only be used to pay for event tickets. R-Kiosks do not accept the Smartum card as a payment method. The Ticket Duo card can be used to pay for event tickets and meals. A meal may cost up to €10 in total. The instructions for the Ticket Lounas card also apply to paying for meals. R-Kiosks do not accept any paper-based payment instruments (such as Smartum’s vouchers, Lounasseteli or Virikeseteli).

- Tickets purchased or redeemed at R-kioski are subject to an additional delivery fee of €1/ticket.
- You can buy a maximum of 20 tickets per visit using a booking code.
- You can redeem tickets during the R-Kiosk opening hours between 7:00 and 21:30.

Ticket sales services and
purchasing information
+358 600 900 900

(€1.98/min + standard network rate)

Monday - Saturday 9 - 21

Sunday 10 - 18