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Payment methods in webshop

What is Masterpass?

Masterpass enables a swift online purchase experience
• Masterpass is a digital payment method solution for online purchases
• Masterpass is developed by Mastercard, and available via your bank. At the moment, Masterpass is available for the Nordea Pay, Aktia Wallet, and Loyo Pay applications. More banks will be included in the near future.
• Nordea Pay and Aktia Wallet can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. At the moment, Loyo Pay is only available in Google Play.
• The Loyo Pay application makes the Masterpass service and benefits available to customers of any bank. Nordea Pay is only available to Nordea customers, and Aktia Wallet to Aktia Wallet users.
• Masterpass is a global payment method which can be used in any online store located abroad or in Finland, as long as they ship to Finland.
• As Masterpass is based on card payment, you will receive the corresponding guarantees (chargeback right guarantee) as when with a traditional card payment.

Here is how it works
• No more filling in card information or delivery addresses manually; all of your information is stored safely in Masterpass.
Paying: Select Masterpass as your payment method, authorise the payment in your bank’s mobile wallet, and accept the purchase.

This is how Masterpass works in the lippu.fi online store:
1. Select Masterpass as the payment method in the lippu.fi online store shopping cart.
2. Select your bank.
3. Enter the required identification for your online banking, and follow the instructions in the application.
4. Open the mobile wallet application on your smartphone.
5. Your mobile wallet application will show the Lippupiste details and the sum of your purchases. If necessary, you can still change the card used for payment.
6. Accept the payment, and confirm it using the PIN code application for your bank.
7. Your bank’s mobile application will confirm that the payment was accepted.
8. At the end of a successful purchase, the lippu.fi online store page will show you the summary of your purchase, as well as an order confirmation page.
9. Lippu.fi will also send a confirmation for a successfully submitted order to your e-mail, and your purchased items will be delivered to you in accordance with your order.

This is how Masterpass works with:
Nordea Pay
Aktia Wallet
Loyo Pay

Lippulasku for consumers

Lippulasku provides you with a safe and flexible option to pay for your purchases in one or several instalments. Verify your identity by using the TUPAS authentication service and choose the payment period that suits you best.

If you choose Lippulasku’s instalment option, you can pay for your purchases in instalments that are invoiced monthly. You can also choose whether you want your invoice to be sent by e-mail or as a paper invoice. A one-time credit agreement with Lindorff Invest Oy becomes valid when you confirm the agreement in connection with an online purchase. You can read more about the general credit terms for Lippulasku by clicking here, or you can save them to your files when confirming the purchase.

If you choose Lippulasku’s invoice option, we will send you an invoice after the purchase transaction, and you will be provided with 14 days of interest-free time to pay for your purchase. NOTE! We cannot offer the Lippulasku option to companies at present.

Lippulasku for Companies – 30 day payment period

Lippulasku for Companies is a new, easy-to-use payment service, which allows companies to pay for their online purchases on invoice – with a payment period of 30 days. The Lippulasku for Companies service provides a quick and convenient way to make purchases, and is available to all companies and communities with a valid business ID.

The system identifies the person and company making the purchase and makes a credit decision in real-time: you can use the service to make purchases for your company on invoice without having to register for a separate service or wait for a credit decision. Purchases made using the Lippulasku for Companies service are subject to a payment fee of EUR 25. In addition to this, you will be charged a delivery fee for the purchased tickets based on your chosen delivery method.

Lippupiste's Lippulasku for Companies service is produced by Lindorff in cooperation with Enterpay.
Further information: Lippulasku for Companies

Paying with an online banking e-Payment

We accept e-Payments via the following banks:
Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Osuuspankki, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki, Ålandsbanken

All payments will be processed by our partner, Nets (Netaxept). Data transfers between the customer and Lippupiste and between Lippupiste and Nets (Netaxept) are carried out using secure technology (SSL/HTTPS). Nets (Netaxept) protects your card number and personal information, and they will not be disclosed to a third party.

Paying with Finnair Plus points
You can pay for your purchases with Finnair Plus points. You can pay with a combination of points and money or pay for the entire purchase with points. The amount of points used is automatically deducted from your Finnair Plus member account. The most common online banking and credit card payment methods are available for customers who want to pay a portion of the purchase price with money.

Instructions for the lippu.fi online store
1. Choose ‘Finnair Plus – Pay with Finnair Plus points or a combination of money and points’ as the payment method.
2. Log in to the Finnair service with your Finnair Plus membership number and password.
3. Choose whether you want to pay with Finnair Plus points only or with a combination of money and points. The amount of points used will be automatically deducted from your account.
4. Check that your contact information is correct.
5. Lippupiste will send a confirmation for a successfully submitted order to your e-mail, and your purchased items will be delivered to you in accordance with your order.

Paying with a payment card
You can pay with the following payment cards:
Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express

Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey are strong authentication services, developed by international card companies, that improve the security of online payments. When a purchase is made, the service verifies both parties of the transaction: the customer and the vendor.

When making a payment, you verify your identity with your personal banking credentials or separate user identification provided by the bank. SafeKey authentication is used when paying with an American Express card. No information you provide, such as your banking credentials, will be disclosed to the vendor. The vendor will only receive a confirmation of the success of the authentication in the form of a sales permit.
Read more: Korttiturvallisuus.fi and Americanexpress.com

Saving your payment card information in the online store

As a customer of Lippu.fi, you can also save your payment card information to the secure servers of Lippu.fi’s money transfer company.

Here is how it works

When you purchase tickets and want to pay for them with a payment card, you can also save your card information for use with your next purchase. By doing this, you will not have to re-enter your payment card information every time you make a purchase. The next time you make a purchase, you will only need your card’s 3-digit security code (CVV). 3D authentication will also not be needed.

Here is how you can check your saved payment cards at the www.lippu.fi website: Log in and go to My details -> View/change customer details. You can also remove your card information if you do not want to use the card anymore in the future. You can save the information of several cards.

Card payments are processed by our partner KPS Payment. Data transfers between customers and Lippupiste and between Lippu.fi and KPS Payment are carried out using secure technology (SSL/HTTPS). KPS Payment protects your card number and personal information, and they will not be disclosed to a third party.

Paying with vouchers

You can use the majority of vouchers (such as Smartum) as payment instruments at Lippu.fi ticket outlets. We recommend checking the places of use on the voucher provider’s website. Our ticket outlets make an agreement directly with voucher providers.

Due to the Tax Administration’s decision, paying with vouchers is not possible in the online shop, as we are unable to verify the identity of the user of the benefit.

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